Dream Theater's Images and Words

Hi all,


This one is not for the faint hearted! Many of you will know John Myung as the cool looking guy dressed in black on the left hand side of Dream Theater's stage, typically standing still but his fingers in a blur of motion as he navigates his way through a myriad of time changes and extended unison passages. His preferred instrument is currently a 6-string Bongo bass made by Music Man, but the majority if this album was recorded on a 4-string Spector NS-2 making it accessible for all bassists.


Images and Words was the band's breakthrough album and includes Pull Me Under, Metropolis, Pt. 1 and Learning to Live. It lives amongst the more challenging books in my catalogue but there should be something for everyone, whether you're hoping to push your technique or extend your knowledge of rhythmic phrasing and complicated time signatures.


The book is priced at $7.99

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