I have 14 at last count! Here are a few:

I also use:

Fender Jazz
Fender Precision
Fender Bass VI
Crafter Acoustic
Yamaha BB 5-String
Spear 6-String
Hofner Violin Bass

Pedals and Effects

These change all the time of course, but here’s a recent photo of my pedalboard:



ACS Engage Custom In-Ear Monitors

With Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3 wireless system


The DI out on my Darkglass B7k is so good I rarely use amps and prefer to use the venue’s PA, however I do love my Mark Bass MARCUS MILLER CMD 101 MICRO 60. Light, portable and sounds great!


ACS Custom

I am delighted to be endorsed by ACS Custom. Check out their in-ear monitors by clicking on the their logo to the left.