Big Bike Bash and Victorious Festival

Phew! That was a pretty crazy weekend…

My wife Kelly and I help to run a local festival called Big Bike Bash, specifically the music side of the event. We create the line up, book the bands and liaise with the musicians once they’re on site. We also play ourselves, of course… Kelly is a singer in the excellent Good Times, a Nile Rodgers and Chic tribute band whilst I also performed with the funky Mo Woods and her band. We have two stages, the main stage and an acoustic stage that performs whilst during the main stage’s changeover. One particular highlight for me was Beard’s West Country version of Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’. Check it out…

I had to leave the festival on Sunday to race across the South Coast and meet up with Dlugokecki in Portsmouth at Victorious Festival. It was the first time I’d played here and I loved it. We played on the second largest stage and it was packed! We had a great reception and will hopefully be there agin next year.

CLICK HERE to watch Tim and I get chauffeured to the stage.

Website Revamp

Hi all!

The website was long in need of a revamp, so I’ve taken the advantage of some time off to get on and do it. Apologies in advance if some links are broken - I’m working on it!